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2014-08-27 10:00:00

Evaluating some of the state's top recruits

 By James Lott 
 DCTF Contributor 

Former Texas defensive back James Lott of CSD Scout takes a closer look at three of the state’s premier recruits.

2015 OLB Malik Jefferson, Mesquite Poteet (6-2, 220)

CSD Analysis: National recruit, and one of the best prospects in the country. Freakish athlete with rare big play ability and athleticism. Legit 4.4 speed every time he runs the 40 yd. dash. Sprinter and jumper on the track team. Highly disruptive physical specimen with future NFL Talent. Good student and solid foundation at home. Will be an early December grad. Offered by every school in the country, including Alabama, Texas, Florida State, A&M, USC and others. GROWN MAN playing against boys!!!

CSD Strengths: Freakish athlete, chiseled and cut like a Greek god from head to toe. Exceptional initial quickness, closing speed and acceleration. Plays on his feet, coordinated and in control of his body. Relentless motor, chases the ball down from the backside with ease. Passionate, high energy player, who feeds off competition. Excellent pass rusher and a beast to block off the edge.

CSD Weaknesses: Motor sometimes runs hot and cold. Used primarily as a pass rusher. Plays with high pad level at times.


2016 S Deontay Anderson, Manvel (6-1, 190)

CSD Analysis: This is one of the best HS football players I have seen this year. Jumps out at you in person up close, even as a freshman, leaving me to say “coach, who the hell is that kid”. Offered as a sophomore by Alabama, LSU, Texas and others. One of the best 2016 prospects in the country. NFL safety in the making. Can change the outcome of the game by himself. Can fly. Sprinter on the track team.

CSD Strengths: Prototypical body type, excellent size and length, with lean, muscular, athletic build. Tremendous, fluid athlete, NFL talent in the making. Anderson covers a lot of ground against both pass and run. Reliable open field tackler, can be intimidating to high school opponents at times. Can straight come down the hill and lower the boom. Shows good vision and spatial awareness, both at a 1/2 and 1/3 fields. Exceptional ball skills, easily extending to pluck outside of his frame. Big play ability.

CSD Weaknesses: With his aggressive nature in run support, can be fooled by play action.


2017 OLB Baron Browning, Kennedale (6-2, 200)

CSD Analysis: First saw this kid at UTEP’s camp at Kennendale this past summer. Impressive kid on the hoof, smart, carries himself well. Browning was an all-district performer as a true freshman, leading his team in tackles. Instinctive and rangy with all the tools to be great. Big defender who can run, sprinter on track team and member of Kennendale’s 4x100 and 4x200 meter relay championship. oOfered as a freshman by Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Baylor. I really love this kid, think he will become one of the better prospects in the country before it is all said and done.

CSD Strengths: Great frame and size. Looks the part, tall with muscular build. At times is the best player on the field, and only a freshman. Quick first step, is not hesitant will get downhill in a hurry and smack you. Quickly finds the ball, shifts through traffic and arrives with an attitude. Shows good fluidity and athleticism in his drops, with good hands to intercept. Excellent athlete.

CSD Weaknesses: Will take bad angles at times because of inexperience. Will hit you, but not always wrap up.


James Lott is a special contributor to

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